French police suspect in the robbery of the famous gang Kim Kardashian.

French police confirmed the fact of an armed attack on Kim Kardashian room in a Paris hotel George V, where it was at the time, he believed that the criminals helped one of the closest circle of people associated with the star of reality show. This was reported by the website Daily Mirror. After all, they have calculated exactly when the star's bodyguard will not be in place, because it is in the evening Kardashian seconded to guard his sisters Kendall and Courtney, recovering in a nightclub L'Arc. In addition, the bandits knew exactly where the casket with jewelry, standing out of sight, so that they do not have to spend time searching. Related Kim and covered her mouth with tape, they instantly disappeared with his prey. The cost of stolen about 10 million dollars.

Babysitting intervened in the divorce Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

The former nanny Angelina Jolie, the actress turned to the press through an open letter. She called the actress not to deprive the children's father, recalling Angelina about her own difficult childhood. This was reported by the Australian edition of Woman's Day. Crisan, who looked after the very Angelina when she was little, admitted that she was in despair. Morel said that the actress is going to repeat the mistake of his mother, Marceline, and this will lead to dire consequences for children Jolie and Brad Pitt. The fact that Marceline, who was mortally offended by her ex-husband and father of Angelina Jon Voight, has done everything to set up her daughter and her brother against their dad and let them communicate. And now Angelina Jolie, who was extremely attached to her mother, who died in 2007, is going to follow its harmful as believed Morel, eg.

George Clooney at the second wedding anniversary dinner prepared from semi-finished products.

" "Contrary to the predictions of skeptics that our marriage would not last long, as you can see, we have noted the second anniversary," - commented George Clooney a happy life with his wife, Amal Clooney. The pair has recently quietly, without fuss, with your family celebrates the second anniversary of significant event - his glamorous Italian wedding lasting in Venice for three days in late August, 2014.

Lindsay Lohan lost part of a finger.

With Lindsay Lohan happened serious trouble. During a walk on a yacht with friends, the actress lost part of a finger on his left hand. This happened when the 30-year-old Lindsey decided to moor their own. She tangled in the anchor chain and anchor, fell into the water, pulled her upper phalanges. Fortunately, the missing part of a finger fell into the water and stayed on the deck. Friends Lohan helped her find, and quickly brought the actress to the surgeon.

Kate Moss has finally officially divorced.

42-year-old Kate Moss bothered to formalize their divorce. Although her four-year marriage to rocker Jamie Hince actually ended more than a year ago, and Kate talked about himself as a divorced woman, her divorce papers, until recently, it was not decorated. Now Moss, through lawyers, has reached an agreement with her ex-husband, according to which the couple divided their property. Reportedly, most went to Kate, because at the time of marriage, Moss had a much larger state. However, some of the values, including works of art, got Hince. He told the Mirror website. Although Moss officially divorced for the first time, before she was three years in a civil marriage with Jefferson Heck, the only daughter of the father model - Lila, who is now 14 years. Now that Kate has become free from the legal point of view, a woman, she can think about the plans for his new brak- with her boyfriend Count Nikolai von Bismarck.

Britney Spears made a shocking confession.

During a recent television show the famous showman Jonathan Ross, Britney Spears stunned spectators unexpected announcement. The singer revealed that when she was 17, she smoked marijuana vengeance! However, since then, as the 34-year-old Spears, she left the habit. However, recently she had to remember the already half-forgotten sensations it thoroughly. The fact is that during one of her last concerts in Las Vegas, the audience so hard smoked "weed" that the drug concentration of smoke in the air in the concert hall became simply dangerous. "I myself do not smoke years to 17, and has managed to wean itself from the effects of" grass. "

Pregnant Janet Jackson for the first time appeared in public.

The other day a pregnant Janet Jackson, sister of the King of Pop Michael Jackson, who has not appeared in public for more than five months, violated its retreat. Paparazzi were finally able to take a picture of her on the streets of London, at a time when Janet came out of children's clothing boutique. Rumors that Jackson during this time gained a lot of kilos over the "program" proved to be true - a figure Janet looked more than just a sound. However, it is not necessary to be surprised, because, as you say, the singer's pregnancy is not easy, and doctors ordered her to rest as much as possible. At first it was a simple bed rest. Now that her health condition improved, but pregnancy is nearing the end, the doctor allowed her to get out of bed, but she was still forced to move very little. And because it also ordered increased power, the emergence of extra kilos was simply inevitable. But just as it is now, Janet does not bother, because all her thoughts focused on how to communicate the child safely.