HUBLOT launches BIG BANG SAMUEL ROSS tourbillon watch

HUBLOT launches BIG BANG SAMUEL ROSS tourbillon watch

Since 2020, creative director Samuel Ross has served as the brand ambassador of Swiss luxury watch brand HUBLOT. Now, for the first time, he has introduced his distinctive graphic language into the watchmaking world, working with Hublot to create a new limited edition Big Bang Samuel Ross Tourbillon watch.

HUBLOT has always adhered to the “art of fusion” watchmaking concept for 40 years, creating a legendary journey of rapid rise of the brand, and has reached the pinnacle of innovation in watchmaking technology. Hublot develops and integrates various materials with continuous inspiration and ingenuity, and is also committed to breaking through the boundaries of watchmaking technology and aesthetic design. Thanks to this, the brand has redefined watchmaking principles and led the watchmaking trend with a new design language.

More than a decade ago, Hublot officially initiated the “Hublot Loves Art” project with the vision of collaborating creatively with accomplished individuals across various industries. Over the years, the brand has partnered with gifted contemporary artists and designers globally, joining forces to craft timepieces that embody both groundbreaking design concepts and collectible value. This collaborative effort aims to revive the enchantment of time and precision. Among the recent creative minds contributing to the creation of innovative timepieces in collaboration with Hublot is none other than Samuel Ross.

One year after winning the prestigious Hublot Design Award, Samuel Ross was officially announced as a brand ambassador in 2020. He condensed the 40-year history of Hublot into a simple abstract sculpture, namely “REFORM”.

HUBLOT Hublot brand ambassador Samuel Ross wears the Big Bang Samuel Ross Tourbillon watch

Following a trajectory parallel to Hublot’s brand development, the exceptionally talented Ross has traversed a similarly illustrious path to success. At the age of 30, Ross, who identifies himself as a creative director, wears multiple hats as an artist spanning various fields, a filmmaker, and a fashion designer. In 2012, he graduated with first-class honors in Graphic Design and Illustration from Leicester De Montfort University. Since then, he has collaborated with numerous brands and creative studios, including Oakley, Nike, Dr. Martens, and Mackintosh. In late 2015, Ross officially launched his personal luxury sportswear brand, A-Cold-Wall*. In 2019, he founded his individual design studio, SR_A.

Ross won the prestigious Hublot Design Prize in 2019. Only a year later, at the unveiling ceremony of a sculpture called REFORM, Hublot officially announced Ross as a brand ambassador. This sculpture is just like the condensation of Hublot’s 40-year splendid history. The ancient organic material (granite) and the modern man-made material (stainless steel) collide to create new sparks. Ross thus created a fusion with personal characteristics. do. This is the interpretation of Hublot’s “art of fusion” brand concept, and it is also a charming chapter that blends ancient and modern times written in a production process that combines traditional manual polishing technology with cutting-edge processing technology. The 40 cm high work of art is now reinterpreted in the 45 mm diameter Big Bang Tourbillon watch, which is the first collaborative watch between Samuel Ross and Hublot. Samuel Ross’s signature use of color and love of distinctive geometry and urban design perfectly complement the innovation and precision embodied in his own and Hublot’s creations.

The case of this Big Bang series wristwatch adopts a distinctive and highly individual hexagonal shape. Enhanced by the sapphire dial, titanium case, bottom, and the titanium honeycomb mesh decoration on the strap, the overall style becomes even more pronounced. The hexagon is a commonly found foundational structural element in nature, seen in honeycombs, snake scales, pineapple skin, and snowflakes. It is known for its sturdy stability and efficient use, seamlessly connecting or tightly fitting when overlapped, making it widely applied in modern architecture and design standards.

From the case to the dial, from the back to the strap, the titanium honeycomb mesh showcases the unique hexagonal design of the Big Bang series. The hexagon, being a fundamental component of nature, represents a robust and efficient shape that can seamlessly extend without gaps or overlaps. Here, it becomes a visual symbol of the functional essence of the timepiece, embodying the core theme running through all designs by Samuel Ross.

The hexagon serves as the visual symbol for the all-new Big Bang Samuel Ross Tourbillon wristwatch, embodying the core element of Ross’s entire design portfolio. This innovative timepiece can be likened to a wearable sculpture, where Ross pays close attention to both the durability and ergonomic needs of the wearer. The lightweight hollowed titanium structure and flexible rubber strap grant the watch exceptional comfort when worn.

As an advocate for color aesthetics, Ross opts for an orange hue for the strap, symbolizing vibrancy and optimism. This lively color accents the crown, tourbillon bridge plate, and the lateral guard plates protecting the case. The bold and eye-catching color scheme, combined with the subdued gray satin-finished case and bezel, creates a distinct contrast, converging the visual focus with daring and impactful color choices.

Paired with the Hublot copy watches factory’s self-made HUB6035 movement, which is composed of 282 components and has a vibration frequency of 3 Hz, the watch will provide a 72-hour power reserve. The Big Bang Samuel Ross Tourbillon watch is a limited collection of 50 pieces. As masterpieces of watch art, they will show a new perspective and visual language of the watchmaking industry. To celebrate the launch of the new watch, Hublot’s Fifth Avenue store in New York will be decorated with Ross’s signature colors to create an attractive and lively atmosphere. At the same time, Hublot stores around the world will also introduce the same decoration, shining the watchmaking world with the colorful colors of Ross’s artistic aesthetics.

This replica designer watch is equipped with the HUB6035 self-winding movement, which vibrates at a frequency of 21,600 times per hour (3 Hz). It is equipped with a micro-rotor and can provide a power reserve of up to 72 hours. Hublot’s new Big Bang Tourbillon tourbillon watch The watch is limited to 50 pieces, and each one is a well-deserved work of art, opening up new horizons and adding new visual language to the watchmaking industry.


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