Hublot BIG BANG series 457.NX.7170.NX Replica watch: a combination of unique design and excellent performance

Hublot BIG BANG series 457.NX.7170.NX Replica watch: a combination of unique design and excellent performance

Hublot’s BIG BANG series is world-renowned for its unique design and excellent performance. The new watch adopts an avant-garde and bold iconic design, with a refined size of 38 mm and innovative materials, vividly interpreting Hublot’s “art of fusion” watchmaking concept. With its ingenious design and extraordinary aesthetics, the Big Bang series further consolidates Hublot’s excellent reputation and benchmark status in the field of watchmaking. Today, Hublot adheres to the brand philosophy of “dare to be a pioneer, be unique, and be different”, reproducing new interpretations of classics. The 457.NX.7170.NX watch is an outstanding representative of this series. It combines Hublot’s innovative design and advanced watchmaking technology, providing watch lovers with a watch that has both visual impact and functionality. A watch with outstanding performance. Now, let’s take a closer look at this eye-catching watch.

Design concept
The 457.NX.7170.NX watch continues the classic design of the BIG BANG series. The Big Bang Integrated “Time Only” watch fully demonstrates the essence of Hublot’s brand, and it inherits all the classic designs of the Big Bang series. Elements: Iconic lug design between case and bezel, bezel decorated with six H-shaped screws, skeletonized hour and minute hands, second hand with brand logo, all even-numbered hour markers from 2 to 12 on the dial, and Rubber elements on the crown. However, the new watch is not just a simple stacking of these aesthetic design elements, but while incorporating these elements, it has successfully reduced the case diameter from 40 mm to 38 mm. The case is made of high-grade titanium and has been finely polished to give it a modern metallic feel. The bezel is decorated with Hublot’s iconic hexagonal screws, highlighting the mechanical beauty.

Materials and craftsmanship
The case and bracelet of this watch are made of high-grade titanium, which not only ensures the sturdiness and durability of the watch, but also greatly reduces the weight of the watch, making it more comfortable to wear. Titanium metal is lightweight and widely used in Hublot watch series. Titanium has a high strength/weight ratio among all materials, making it a valuable material, especially for the aerospace industry. Titanium is also distinguished by its resistance to corrosion and its inertness in contact with skin. Hublot only uses high-quality grade 5 titanium with high hardness properties. When polished, the material takes on a bluish metallic sheen. The sapphire crystal not only has excellent scratch resistance, but also adds a luxurious blue light to the watch.

Movement technology
The 457.NX.7170.NX watch is equipped with the HUB1115 self-winding movement independently developed by Hublot. This movement is accurate and reliable, with excellent time stability and a 42-hour power reserve. The operating status of the movement can be clearly observed through the transparent design on the bottom of the watch, which not only adds to the ornamental value of the watch, but also demonstrates Hublot’s ingenuity in watchmaking technology.

Functional performance
In addition to the basic display functions of hours, minutes and seconds, the 457.NX.7170.NX watch also has 30 meters of waterproof performance, which can meet various needs in daily life. The exquisite design of the crown and buckle not only facilitates operation, but also ensures the waterproof performance of the watch.

Brand Value
The 457.NX.7170.NX watch is a perfect representative of Hublot’s BIG BANG series. It embodies Hublot’s unremitting pursuit of avant-garde design and excellent technology. As part of Hublot, this watch carries the brand’s honor and tradition and is the best embodiment of Hublot’s values.

Overall, the Hublot BIG BANG series 457.NX.7170.NX replica watch is an outstanding watch that integrates design, technology and functionality. It is not only an ideal choice for fashion lovers, but also a perfect interpretation of the Hublot brand spirit. Choosing this watch is undoubtedly a recognition and pursuit of excellent quality and avant-garde design.


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