IWC Portuguese series IW505701 Replica watch: a blend of classic and luxury

IWC Portuguese series IW505701 Replica watch: a blend of classic and luxury

IWC’s Portuguese series has always been highly praised by the watch industry for its classic design and excellent craftsmanship. The IW505701 watch, as the treasure of this series, not only continues the brand’s tradition, but also incorporates modern fashion elements, showing its unique taste and style. Next, we will explain the charm of this IW505701 watch in detail.

Design concept
The design of the IW505701 watch is inspired by the classical Portuguese watches of the 1940s. Its watch diameter reaches 44.2 mm, which brings a spacious dial space to the watch, making the time clearer and easier to read. The classic silver dial with golden hands and hour markers shows a strong retro style. At the same time, the 316L stainless steel case is finely ground and polished, showing a unique luster and feel.

Materials and craftsmanship
The 44.4 mm case of this watch is made of platinum and is decorated with polishing and frosting processes to further enhance the visual luxury of the natural white precious metal. IWC’s platinum watches have been basically used in some very symbolic works in recent years, such as the second-generation Turbo Flyer, and the tourbillon watch specially created for seven-time F1 champion and brand spokesperson Hamilton, as well as This eternal calendar. But through the exquisiteness, we can find that the new work also has many traditional-style details, such as the front and back box-shaped sapphire glass it uses, and the classic dome-shaped mirror, that is, the bubble mirror design not only presents The beautiful visual effects bring a retro aesthetic to the watch. The arched outer ring scale ring it matches makes the watch more coordinated. It is not just for good looks. It also has excellent legibility, allowing the wearer to read the time from a wider perspective. This is what IWC recommends. Adhering to the spirit of engineers, Wanguo believes that function is the core of their work, so they will not do pure decoration, but let design serve function.

Movement technology
The IW505701 watch is equipped with the IWC-produced 52640 movement. Please note that several new Portuguese models have adopted a larger sapphire glass case back after the update. When you hold it in your hand and play with it, you will find the amount of light entering the case back. Larger, the details of the movement can be clearly seen. IWC has also used all the exquisite polishing techniques available for the new movement. On the top of the decoration, the hollow gold oscillating weight is brushed, the lower layer of plywood has a circular Geneva pattern, and the movement parts are chamfered and brushed. The bottom layer is decorated with fish scale patterns, and some of the exposed screws are blued. It can withstand careful scrutiny by macro lenses and loupes. Through the transparent design on the bottom of the watch, you can clearly appreciate the exquisite craftsmanship and precise operation of the movement, showing IWC’s professional attitude towards movement production.

Functional performance
In addition to the basic hours, minutes, and seconds display functions, the IW505701 watch is also equipped with a small second hand and a power reserve indicator function, making it even more outstanding in terms of practicality. The 30-meter waterproof performance also ensures that the watch can be worn safely in various situations in daily life.

Brand Value
As a member of IWC’s Portuguese series, the IW505701 replica watch not only demonstrates the brand’s respect for traditional watchmaking craftsmanship, but also demonstrates its unremitting pursuit of innovative design and excellent performance. It is the perfect embodiment of IWC’s century-old tradition and craftsmanship spirit.

Generally speaking, the IWC Portuguese series IW505701 replica watch is a fine watch that combines classic, practical and luxurious features. Its unique design, excellent movement technology and practical functional performance make it an unparalleled watch work of art. Choosing this watch is not only a recognition of IWC’s excellent craftsmanship and quality, but also the best reflection of personal taste and pursuit.


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